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Amputees fight Medicare proposal to limit prosthetics

“Under the new proposal, Medicare would establish more stringent requirements to obtain advanced prosthetics, reduce the role of the prosthetist who creates and maintains prostheses, and eliminate some of the universal codes that all providers use to cover prosthetic care.

The proposal could affect the 150,000 amputees in the Medicare system, but advocates worry that its influence could set the standard and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and private insurers would follow suit. If that happened, the nearly 2 million Americans without limbs could be affected.”

Source: Amputees fight Medicare proposal to limit prosthetics


Lenders Step Up to Help Vets Buy Homes

Great news for those Vets and their family’s who are wanting to buy a house.

AZ-US Real Estate Blog

Several campaigns this year are hoping to help members of the military become home owners, which has prompted Veterans Affairs loans to surge in popularity

Big banks and mortgage companies are stepping up efforts to help returning vets get affordable housing by advertising the benefits of VA loans as well as donating hundreds of homes mortgage-free to vets.  

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Beautiful commemoration for our Military Veterans.
Have a great Veterans Day and thank you all so very much for your service and sacrifice.

KM Photography

My entry for Photo 101 challenge: Landmark.  I chose to visit our local Veterans Memorial Park.  It was a quiet and serene setting, perfect for reflection on Veterans Day.  I hope you enjoy my photos.IMG_1950IMG_1954IMG_1978IMG_1975  IMG_1971  IMG_1960

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VA Teams Conduct Face-to-Face Audit in North Texas

I have heard stories of veterans having to wait months to get helped by VA. Stories of several different kinds of drugs prescribed to veterans who have PTSD, with little or not follow up on how the vet is doing with the prescriptions. I am thinking that this “audit” might just be the tip of the ice burg in what is wrong with some of the VA hospitals.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – VA clinics in Dallas, Fort Worth and Bonham are under scrutiny from an audit team this week.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki ordered the audit for all VA clinics last week.

The order came after new allegations across the country of veterans dying while waiting for care at VA facilities.

CBS11 has learned a team from the inspector general’s office was also visiting the North Texas VA system this week.

CBS 11’s I-Team has done extensive reporting on veteran complaints regarding VA health care.  Click below to for complete coverage:

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National Center for PTSD homepage

VA – FREE Online Classes for health professionals and caretakers

The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering free  in-depth online classesFrom the War Zone to the Home Front II, which cover trauma, PTSD assessment and effective treatment. You can also checkout their Archive section for more information.

These classes/sessions are about one hour. Now these classes have already officially end tomorrow, but I believe  you can view them “on demand.” Also, check out the Additional Resources for pdf’s  and pertinent information on past classes.

Also, on May 30th, there will be a special presentation: PTSD Diagnosis and DSM-5 by Dr. Matthew Friedman

Click HERE for more information.


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