About Love and Encouragement – Veterans

Being a wife, former wife and or girlfriend of a combat soldier or veteran is not easy, that I know from experience. Which is why I have decided to put together a group called Wives/Girlfriends of Veterans (WGV). Our group will be an active support group where we will be learning together and discovering practical biblical truths to guide us as we struggle to heal the hidden wounds of war.

On this blog I will be posting words of love and encouragement as well as helpful information for those of us who love a Veteran and want to understand and help them readjust to civie life.

God Bless our Veterans!

God Bless our Veterans!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning the SOWF. We appreciate it!


    1. My pleasure. After looking over your website it looks to me like SOWF is a great nonprofit for our Special Ops Warriors and their families. If I can help promote your nonprofit in any way or get the word out about a special event or fundraiser, please email me at Belsanmedia@comcast.net.

      Thank you and your staff for what you are doing to help these very special warriors and their families.
      Take care,


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