VA Teams Conduct Face-to-Face Audit in North Texas

I have heard stories of veterans having to wait months to get helped by VA. Stories of several different kinds of drugs prescribed to veterans who have PTSD, with little or not follow up on how the vet is doing with the prescriptions. I am thinking that this “audit” might just be the tip of the ice burg in what is wrong with some of the VA hospitals.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – VA clinics in Dallas, Fort Worth and Bonham are under scrutiny from an audit team this week.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki ordered the audit for all VA clinics last week.

The order came after new allegations across the country of veterans dying while waiting for care at VA facilities.

CBS11 has learned a team from the inspector general’s office was also visiting the North Texas VA system this week.

CBS 11’s I-Team has done extensive reporting on veteran complaints regarding VA health care.  Click below to for complete coverage:

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  1. would share some information with you. I am currently a veteran wife working for the Carrick Brain Centers here in the Dallas, Texas area. The program that we offer to Veterans is at no cost to them to help create stability with PTS and/or TBI. The Carrick Team works hard so that the Veterans that come through can have a better lifestyle. Carrick is not a facility that prescribes medication, what is done here is using the vestibular system (inner ear and eyes) to help awaken areas of the brain that need attention. This helps to reduce the symptoms of PTS and/or TBI. I have seen remarkable changes in the veterans that have come through including my own husband. My husband is a post 9/11 veteran who served with the Army Recon Team in Iraq and Afghanistan. The doctors here at Carrick told him that he has on of the worst cases of TBI that they have ever seen which also causes his PTS to be more severe. You would not be able to tell by looking at my husband, but he lives in pain each day due to a metal plate pushing on his spine that was surgical implanted and caused a lot of scar tissue. With all of these factors play a part in his everyday life, he sometimes was not able to function to the best of his ability. Since coming to Carrick he has been able to focus, regain some memory, control his rage and just of over functionality to maintain employment and be happier in life. After seeing him improve so much as well as our marriage I started helping out here at Carrick and want to spread the word to everyone that I can.
    What you guys are doing is amazing and I think you for it! After reading some of the information about what you all do, I can imagine that some of your veterans may suffer from PTS and/or TBI. If you have someone in mind please send them my contact information and I would love to speak with them about Carrick and the two week program. Also, If you guys have any questions please let me know. I have attached some testimonial videos for you to take a look at and please contact me any time!


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