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Returning Home – Veteran Love

Life will be different once the returning service person comes home. The Veteran may demand more of his wife’s for husband‘s time, alot more time. If so, the wife may well begin to resent this. Why? Perhaps now that their Veteran husband is home they find that they cannot spend time with the friends which were made during their soldier’s deployment.

Not surprisingly, spouses may begin to miss the special home-grown support network which were a big part of their life while their soldier was stationed overseas. These non-military relationships have the possibility of seriously challenging the foundation of their marriage.

Spouses, it is important to remember to take things slow with your Veteran and get to know each other again. Why not make special “date” nights to reacquaint with each other again….rekindle that spark that initially brought you both together. Give your Veteran space to readjust to the aspect of no longer living/working in a war zone. Perhaps sleeping in separate beds for a while, might be necessary. When in doubt, consult a professional familiar with military life.

Remember, you are both not the same as you were before he left. It will take time and patience to get to know and appreciate each other again.

VA – FREE Online Classes for health professionals and caretakers

The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering free  in-depth online classesFrom the War Zone to the Home Front II, which cover trauma, PTSD assessment and effective treatment. You can also checkout their Archive section for more information.

These classes/sessions are about one hour. Now these classes have already officially end tomorrow, but I believe  you can view them “on demand.” Also, check out the Additional Resources for pdf’s  and pertinent information on past classes.

Also, on May 30th, there will be a special presentation: PTSD Diagnosis and DSM-5 by Dr. Matthew Friedman

Click HERE for more information.


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